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Bear child, please be merciful! All the simulated dinosaurs are different. Who moved their fingers?


    Human high technology makes you never imagine. In 1841, British scientist Richard Owen, when studying lizard ossification stones, thought that they were left by some prehistoric animals and named them dinosaurs, which means "horrible lizards". Thus, for the first time, we know that as early as 230 million years ago, there was an animal with a huge body, strong limbs and long tail on the earth. Its name is dinosaur.

    Unfortunately, in the natural survival law of human survival, this behemoth suddenly disappeared at the end of Cretaceous 65 million years ago, which has become a mystery in the evolutionary history of earth biology. However, no one can solve this mystery until now. Human beings can only understand it through its fossils.

    It is also the extinction of dinosaurs that has increased human interest in its research and understanding, such as the dinosaur fossil skeleton unearthed in museums around the world in recent years, and the high simulation Dinosaur Park created by human high technology.

    Because the "simulation" increases the interaction with people, tourists can walk in and shake "hands" with them, pat their heads, etc. the "safety" of the simulation dinosaurs suffers a certain degree of "threat", that is, the destruction of the simulation dinosaurs.

These lifelike dinosaurs in different shapes, some with broken noses, some with broken tails, some with their chin cut like a slug, some with worse eyes.

    Who broke the "phase" of the simulated dinosaurs standing in the jungle? It can be imagined that the simulation dinosaur is the favorite of children. In the interaction with the simulation dinosaur, the naughty hand of bear children is indispensable. In life, it is undeniable that some bear children are naturally destructive. When they see something that doesn't break down, their hands won't stop.

    Civilization comes from all aspects of life, not just language civilization. Remind the parents who take their children out to educate their children, not to make noise or damage public property.

Civilized travel should start with children.