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How to estimate animatronic dinosaurs price?




You want to know estimate price before buying animatronic dinosaurs,so we can show you some reasons.

1.    We know the dinosaur it is more bigger size , so the price it is more cost,normal we have five kinds of size of dinosaur, super small ,small ,middle, big,super big. The super small size it is less than 3 meters, the small size it is 3-6 meters, the middle size it is 7-10 meters,the big size it is 11-19, the super big size it is more than 20 meters,if you only use size to estimate price ,also need to know what kind of dinosaur type,the price of Herbivorous dinosaurs with long neck it is more cheaper than Carnivores dinosaurs, T rex it is most expensive of Carnivores dinosaurs , because it has huge body ,need to use a lot of materials.

2.    Maybe you think the dinosaur it is more smaller size,so price it is cheaper, but if the spine length of animatronic dinosaur is less than 3 meters, so it cann’t be proportion cost base on size , because the small size animatronic dinosaurs it is difficult to with many movements, also need to small size motor inside.The small size motor we can imported motor, so the price it is not cheaper, also when you produce the small size dinosaur , the handmade work it is more difficult.

3.    If the dinosaur with move movements , so the price it is more high?Normal our animatronic dinosaur can be 5-6 standards movements,but some special dinosaur it is more cost with more movements.

The quotation of animatronic dinosaurs depend on the size and movements,you can so easy to estimate the cost of animatronic dinosaurs,We want to sell animatronic dinosaurs with reasonable price,that is reason why we show you how to calculate real cost of animatronic dinosaurs.Trust is one thing ,absolute freedom from backlash it is quite another, responsible for an entire servie life.