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Municipal government protects intellectual property rights of color lamp, Simulated Dinosaurs, artificial dinosaur, electronic dinosaur, mechanical dinosaur, etc



    On April 26, 2020, Zigong intermediate people's court jointly held the unveiling ceremony of "Zigong intellectual property protection guidance center" with the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, Municipal Copyright Bureau and Municipal Judicial Bureau. After its establishment, the center will carry out legal publicity of intellectual property rights, guidance for safeguarding rights, early warning of infringement, dispute resolution and other work.

    At the ceremony, "Zigong intellectual property protection guidance center", "Zigong intellectual property dispute people's mediation committee" and "Zigong intellectual property trial court circuit" were officially unveiled.

    It is understood that the center will build a guiding mechanism for intellectual property protection, aiming to give full play to the judicial function of the people's court and the respective functional advantages of the administrative organs, help enterprises improve their awareness of intellectual property protection, provide services such as rights protection guidance, infringement early warning and diversified dispute resolution, and build a service platform for intellectual property protection with high social credibility.

    According to the introduction, the center will guide the intellectual property rights holders to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, provide professional and legal guidance services in trademark right, patent right, copyright registration, registration and other aspects for the rights holders, and promote the intellectual achievements to be righted. We will carry out legal publicity and education of intellectual property rights, strengthen the awareness of social intellectual property rights, give early warning of possible infringement of intellectual property rights by enterprises, and reduce and avoid infringement of intellectual property rights. For intellectual property disputes, we should carry out diversified dispute mediation work in accordance with the application of the parties or the ways of appointing mediation before litigation, entrusting mediation during litigation, inviting mediation, etc.

  At the same time, the center will carry out publicity and education activities on intellectual property protection for the society, and carry out targeted service activities to promote intellectual property protection and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of characteristic industries, aiming at the characteristics of Zigong City, such as color lights, Simulated Dinosaurs, artificial dinosaur, electronic dinosaur, mechanical dinosaur and other key industries in the field of intellectual property protection, To promote the resolution of disputes to the source and effectively prevent the occurrence of intellectual property disputes.