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Animatronic dinosaurs features



Operating a dino park isn't cheap,how can create a profitable dino park, how much would it cost to build dino park? How to estimate animatronic dinosaurs price? Here we will show you some animatronic dinosaurs features, so you will estimate cost to clone animatronic dinosaurs for your own project.

1.Every animatronic dinosaur can be 5-10 movements

Normal movements

1) Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound

2) Eyes blink

3) Head moving left to right

4) Neck moving up and down

5) Stomach breathing

6) Tail swaying

Special customized movements

7) Neck twist

8) Front arms moving

9) Body moving left to right

10) Body moving up and down

11) Tail moving up to down

12) Ears moving left to right

13) Tongue moving in and out

14) Fog on the nose

15) Spray and have light

16) Eyes brilliant

2. Base frame can be use indoor exhibits and outdoor parks

1) Metal frame base which it can bury under land.


2) Metal and foam frame base with wheels those they can be use indoor and outdoor moving.


3) Foam base which it can be use indoor exhibits.


3. Every animatronic dinosaur need to control box to operate different movements.


Normal one animatronic dinosaur with one control box, if your want to built small dinosaurs pack , then you can put 2-3 dinosaurs to share one control box, (It can be save some cost )

4. Operation system

1) Infrared sensor (Widely used it )

2) Swiping card

3) Remote control

4) Timer

5) Coin operated

5. When you decide animatronic dinosaurs with feathers , also you need to know details of animatronic dinosaurs feathered features.

If you don’t know what you want, send us one email or call us , so we will give you right solution for your events, parks and exhibtions. We would like to built your dream of a dinosaur theme park finally becomes a reality.

Every animal mode it is customized and unique,even you can do monster so if you want to choose one special dinosaur sound for your pet, special language for your events, come inside and hear all of the Dinosaur Sounds you want.