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Giant robot dinosaurs megalosaurus for dinosaur garden

Giant robot dinosaurs megalosaurus for dinosaur garden
Product Name : Giant robot dinosaurs megalosaurus for dinosaur garden
Product ID : AD019
Dinosaur type : Megalosaurus
Material : Silicone rubber,sponge
Control system : Robot dinosaurs
Usage : Exhibition,park,kids,museum
Type : Artificial dinosaur,simulation dinosaur,

animtronic dinosaur series.png



  绿方格.jpg Frame: high quality stainless steel metal 

  绿方格.jpg Body: high density foam

  绿方格.jpg Surface: environmental friendly silicon rubber 


We offer museum and exhibition quality robot dinosaurs megalosaurus. We can customize all type life size animatronic dinosaurs with realistic movements


We offer  robot dinosaurs megalosaurus between 1 and 50 meters. We use spine length to calculate length size because every dinosaur may have different pose


We offer all types  robot dinosaurs megalosaurus with customized sizes, colors, sounds, poses


  绿方格.jpg  Eyes blink

   绿方格.jpg   Mouth open and close synchronize with roar

  绿方格.jpg  Head moving left to right

  绿方格.jpg  Neck  moving up and down

  绿方格.jpg  Stomach breathing

  绿方格.jpg  Tail swaying 

Please contact with us for any special movement about giant robot dinosaurs megalosaurus for dinosaur garden


Control box, speaker, sensor equipment and speaker cover 


500w-1500w (Depends on  animal's size and movements) 110V/60Hz,220V/50Hz 


Indoor exhibits and outdoor exhibits, parks, playgrounds, showrooms, grocery stores, shopping malls, weddings, festivals, events, movie theaters, recreation centers, fairs, safari parks, zoos, animated film, amusement parks, theme parks, Jurassic theme parks, Halloween, etc.


Don’t look now, giant robot dinosaurs back in the Amodinsoaur.Welcome to China,discover   the really alive ,most interactive and lifesize robot dinosaurs models megalosaurus,a hands-on dinosaur garden featuring animatronic (The eyes shift back and forth, and their mouths open...) and museum standard quality dinosaur replicas. Each dinosaur has its own power source and a computer “brain” that controls its movements.  Dinosaur animatronic made from steel skeletons and a realistic,silicone skin It’s more immersive.

Can a animatronic Megalosaurus be a pet? It was wonderful to see it brought to life.Many dinosaurs can be animatronic animal extremely animatronics with ancient times backgrounds can be utilized for project displays to realize incredible effects.

If you don’t know how to choose animatronic dinosaurs, give us a email or call and we will recommend the excellent solution for your project.You also can check  animatronic dinosaurs features   to know all details ,it will be guide you decide what you want,we are professional designer, innovative and stable for an entire service life.

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